My Personal Origin Story

From a small city in post-communist Romania to the global stage – with thousands of stops in between.

It all starts in the rocky transitional society of Romania in the ’90s, in which I was raised and from which I arose a convinced capitalist and believer in upward social mobility.

Like many in my generation, I took advantage of every opportunity I had to make a name for myself. I majored in Electronics, Telecommunications & Information Technology while working as software engineer throughout college. One of the best impulse decisions I ever made in my life was to go for an MBA in Engineering, which opened my path to tech entrepreneurship and business consultancy.

And since 2019, good things have started happening. First, I was nominated for the prestigious Rising Star in Product Marketing award by the Product Marketing Alliance. Thus, I became their Ambassador in the bustling tech scene in South-East Europe.

Then, on June 19, 2020 I became the #1 person on Crunchbase in Romania, solidifying my leadership position. But it’s not my purpose to stay up there for the sake of it.

My goals are instead to inspire everyone I interact with through the actions I take, the lessons I share, and the happiness I can spread around me.

Picture of Sebastian Ungureanu
Sebastian Ungureanu

Sebastian's Guiding Principles

I have some guiding principles to keep myself grounded and focused on the right things. In life, it’s just as easy to lose your way as it is to find it. These principles keep me on track at all times – in business, in my personal life, and in my head.


Strive to become better every day.

If you’re not good at something today, keep at it until you improve. Our greatest limits are self-imposed. Never say “I’m not good at this” – instead, ask  “how can I learn to do this?” Create your own narrative, and pay little attention to naysayers. Let them talk, and focus on proving them wrong.


Play the long, long game.

It’s easy to lose patience. We all want instant gratification, and the world around us keeps getting better at giving us immediate rewards. But the good separate themselves from the great through the long-term vision they have for their life. Step up and create your life’s vision.


Double-down on the things that lead to happiness.

The greatest feeling is when I’m surrounded by my family and closest friends. I’m a dreamer, and they keep me rooted in reality. But whatever it is that keeps you going, whatever gives you the stability and motivation to keep going – make sure you dedicate your time and your heart to it.

My Contribution

Here’s a list of some of the projects I’ve been working on lately.

Product Marketing Alliance

The Product Marketing Alliance is the leading global community of passionate product marketers committed to driving demand, adoption and the overall success of their products.

Since 2019, PMA has evolved into the #1 product marketing community, uniting thousands of PMMs from all over the world.

My mission as Product Marketing Ambassador is very simple: to promote and elevate the role of product marketing in the emergent tech & start-up scene in South-East Europe.

Wait Until You Hear This! - Podcast

For those who can’t wait ’till they hear this – I host a podcast on a wide range of things we don’t think about too often.

From the current state of affairs to my own personal views on society, culture and politics, get ready for a raw, no-nonsense show that will thrill you from start to finish.

Wait Until You Hear This!

Hypesmash - Media & Marketing Agency

There’s a new way to do communications in the new marketing age. Hypesmash is my new media & marketing agency that I’ve set up to help other companies focus on data, content and programmatic with world-class creative production capabilities.

From branding & strategy all the way to execution & analytics, Hypesmash delivers results fast – and simple.

More than my personal website, I’m constantly working on promoting my personal brand. I’m a creator by nature, and my website is my central hub that connects all the online dots.

I am trying to create an ecosystem of essays, guest posts, social media accounts and overall goodies that share my knowledge, vision and principles with everybody looking to learn from my experience.

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